Burning Man

2007 marked my first transformational experience with BurningMan. Within a year I relocated from New York to Bali, Indonesia; opening an Atelier Studio, The Adam Pollina Store. With Master Craftsman, Tailors, Cobblers, and Artisans under one roof, most anything imaginable, could now be brought to life. We produce bespoke clothing, jewellery and accessories for a select clientele, as well as Art Cars and Stages for numerous festivals worldwide. Was honoured to have works selected for the Venice Biennale and Art Basel Miami.

BurningMan was a wonderful coalescence of all previous fields of my work. Whether Comics and Cartoons, or Video Games and Music Videos, I was always telling the timeless epic of the Hero’s journey. I realised on the playa, that the greatest story I could ever tell would be about the very life I lived… so why not play the hero and dress the part…