In 2001, armed with my creator owned comic Big Baddy Danger in hand, I walked into Disney Studios. Not only did the pitch go well, but shortly after I was hired to lead design on Disney’s animated series the Emperor’s New Groove and Nikki Tikki Tavi, reimagining and retooling the characters for a new audience. It was an amazing experience, being able to add my personal edge to the Disney brand.

Beyond being a genuine and warm human being, Adam is a true artist and a unique one at that. His visual artistry is mind-blowing and it’s coupled with a really wonderful ability to create interesting worlds and tell great stories that take place within them.  I had the good fortune of working on two film projects with him, Shaolin and Big Daddy Danger, which we were able to sell quickly based on the great worlds and scenarios he constructed as well as the great imagery he included to give buyers an early glimpse into those worlds. He’s a pleasure to work with and I’m sorry I haven’t had more opportunity to do so recently.

Brian Gilbert
President of Content, The Bingeable Network