kupu kupu

kupu kupu is like a lot of us… a work in progress. He’s a shy, self conscious being looking for Love and Acceptance. Through Art & Dance, he makes his presence known. The kingdom of kupu kupu is a fully immersive and interactive multimedia art experience. Centered around transformation, kupu kupu turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Under Spain’s curfew and lockdown period during the pandemic, I began to go a little stir crazy.
I had to do something. Just something.
Here’s the beginning…

March 1 – 22
Center for Contempoary Arts, Seville. Spain
kupu kupu presents: The Other (Lo Otro)

The world has changed. It’s undeniable.
It is no longer as it were.
Almost supernatural in origin.
Perhaps in response to a collective vibration of helplessness and uncertainty is why they came.
The Other (Lo Otro)
What are they? Why are they here?
Spirits from another dimension?
Aliens from a distant Galaxy?
They are simply the Other.
Both grounded and floating slightly above, they dance between two worlds.